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Since our beginning, we have been committed to serving auto dealers and fleets with the highest levels of Quality, Service, Convenience, and Innovation available in the auto body and recon industry.

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All-in-one Service.
Our Story.

Automotive Industries is a new breed of recon. Our focus is, and has always been, on the businesses who've been treated as filler work by the conventional, consumer-facing auto-body and repair shops. We don't do that here. To us, you are our main priority. With a staff that has experience in the retail automotive sector, we understand and have been through the troubles you experience trying to get your vehicles reconditioned quickly and cost-effectively. We're here to help.


At Automotive Industries, we have taken the time to streamline and innovate our processes, our technologies, and our facilities so we can guarantee the fastest, highest-quality, reconditioning services you need to get your vehicles back on the road, or in the hands of their new owners.

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